FT-Ladies Challenge - your favorite ladies in “happy vs sad”
"the miracle of friendship saves the day!" (87//395)

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Fairy Tail Ladies Gif/Graphic Challenge!

First of all, pick your favorite lady or ladies from the show Fairy Tail! Second of all, do these:

  • your favorite lady or ladies in “happy vs sad”
  • favorite hairstyle
  • favorite episode/chapter
  • show us your lady’s magic in colors abound
  • ship your lady with somebody/something?
  • favorite emotional scene/saddest scene?
  • funniest scene(s)/panel(s)?
  • best battle in a “color vs b&w” photoset
  • lady (or ladies) in your favorite color
  • favorite quote
  • favorite friendship (brotp)?
  • your lady + song lyrics
  • a loss/defeat
  • favorite outfit
  • cute lady moments vs the boss lady moments
  • your lady in an AU
  • then and now

I think I’ve made it so these can be an edits or gifs or a mix of both. Same goes for the manga and the anime. You can also choose one lady or many ladies (and they can be from different guilds as well). And you don’t have to do the prompts in order! Basically, just do anything you want with them!

And there are probably a billion of FT memes running around, but this is one that I wanted to do, so I decided I’d just post it and see who’d join in. If you do decide to do this meme then please tag it with #ftladies challenge so I can see what you all come up with! (Make sure it’s one of your first 5 tags.)

I would also like to note that saving other people’s gifs/edits and reposting them into your own photoset/textpost does not count as your own post and will be frowned upon. Original work only please!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :D Have fun!


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"I'd rather be together with everyone..." - Lucy Heartfilia 

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And what have you been drawing since we stopped here?

The design for new customized armor.

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I always cursed my life … With anxiety and fury that I couldn’t hold back … and hatred … But when I stopped and looked up at the sky, I realized how small I was and an infinite world spread before me … A sunbeam illuminated my significant form. It was as if a kind of shower of light washed away my sins. For the first time in my life, I’ve felt grateful to have been born. I felt blessed … at the very end … I was finally able to forgive myself. Good bye … my loved ones.

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“while you’re watching Fairy Tail keep the room brightly lit and sit away from the screen, alright?


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Wendy Marvell (ウェンディ・マーベル Wendi Māberu) [x]

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I love it when we’re given official colours~




I love it when we’re given official colours~

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Why people only draw FT characters as parents or couple years older when they could draw them as old geezers who confuse younger generations one way or another? I might draw more in future, you know, crazy old cat lady Milliana, granny Meredy, granny Wendy, old geezer Sting etc. Also, if you didn’t get Makarov one, go google ‘spongebob chocolate lady’

God bless this post

God bless your soul.

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"It suits you..."

Short-haired Gajeel and long-haired Levy requested by cubroz


"It suits you..."

Short-haired Gajeel and long-haired Levy requested by cubroz