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yeah, because october is awesome (¬‿¬)

that’s right!!

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whaat, I'm german and I never realized that they are airing DW owo

i’m not sure, maybe they started it today, i mean first october, idk, and its also the first episode AND THERES BLOOD!!!!!!!! :D:D 

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ice-make-mage said: What channel?

its on a german-channel, called ‘pro7maxx’

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DEADMAN WONDERLAND (and highschool of the dead) ON TV! yehaa

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FT-Ladies Challenge - your lady’s magic in colors
"But when I am alone.. that's when I am able to unleash my full fury - Poison? That's merely a dessert.. for a demon like me"

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ahhh i need some help, so is here someone who can help me??? :OO

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Woah. I almost never have dreams, sadly xD I was hoping to go to Westerly, in Rhode Island? I don't know if you've heard of it, but, I'm hoping to go get some Pokemon cards. Then, I might go get some sushi. What were you gonna do?

that’s sad, because i have a lot of dreams and they are too good. about scary things, like monsters to just to able to jump very high (that was a creep one) and nope!! i don’t have heard of it, but it has to be cool, when you can get some pkm-cards! :)

hm i don’t know, maybe just laying around, meeting with a friend? not sure about it yet! :)

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My day was wonderful! Actually, I just woke up :) How was your day?

ah nice to hear! same here, it was the first time since a week where i could sleep late (exactly 1pm - i just woke up an hour ago) - okay actually i had to wake up at 7am, to help my mum for 10 minutes, but i will ignore that fact.. it was just a dream. :)

what are you planning to do today anon? :)

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welcome to all new followers! :) i’m glad that you are following me, it just make me happy, so thank you. Now, tell me about your day or ask me a question, i really want to have contact with all of you again!